ZMQ-K125 125,000Btu 36kW Super-Quiet Diesel Space Heater

K-125 direct diesel space heater is the quietest diesel heater we have ever tested or sold. This superb quality heavy-duty 37 kW / 125,000 Btu heater can heat medium and larger workshops (200m2 and over) and has a large 38 litre tank which can deliver over 10 hours running time. ZMQ-K125 includes both a digital room temperature read out and a variable thermostat control to cycle on and off automatically to maintain the desired room temperature. The heater includes high temperature resistant stainless steel combustion chambers for long life, heavy duty paint finish, and adjustable air pressure with visible air pressure gauge. This means air pressure can be adjusted in seconds which is essential for clean burning of different types of oil based fuels. This heater will effectively burn red diesel or heating oils but cleanest combustion comes with paraffin / kerosene fuels. The heaters include safety controls so it will stop if it overheats or if the flame fails. The control panel has built in diagnostics and E1, E2, E3 fault-codes can easily be looked up in the comprehensive manual. The heaters we sell are fully CE Certified

• Model: ZMQ-K125
• Dims – boxed: 918 x 547 x 625 mm
• Output: 125,000 Btu / 36 kW
• Fuel Usage: 3.3 litres per hour
• Fuels: Paraffin, Kerosene, Diesel
• Heated Airflow: 450cfm
• Transport: Trolley & inflatable tyres
• Tank Capacity: 38 litres
• Power Supply: 220-240V (13 amp)
• Weight: 24 kg boxed

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