ZMIR-K60 60,000Btu 18kW Infrared radiant Diesel Heater

ZMIR-K60 is a super-quiet infrared / radiant type direct diesel space heater. It delivers 18 kW / 60,000 Btu of heat at 98% efficiency. Great features include automatic cool down function, ZMIR-K60 is an ultra-low-noise direct heater that works through radiant / infrared technology to warm objects rather than air. It can be used to provide directional or pinpoint heat as well as background warming. The heaters will burn a full variety of oil based fuels but this heater is best with Kerosene / Paraffin / 28 sec fuels for smoke-free operation, including on Start-up and cool down. All service parts are available directly from stock.

• Model: ZMIR-K60
• Dims – boxed: 496 x 494 x 238 mm
• Output: 60,000 Btu / 18 kW
• Fuel Usage: 1.7 litres per hour
• Fuels: Paraffin, Kerosene, 28 sec heating oil
• Heated Airflow: N/A
• Transport: Top mount carry handle
• Tank Capacity: 13 litres
• Power Supply: 220-230V (13 amp)
• Weight: 14 kg boxed

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