6pc Heavy Duty Shock Absorbing Gun Air Hammer Kit

• A relatively new concept to aid in the removal of seized suspension parts
• The shock absorbing Impact system allows for the controlled application of force via an air powered hammer
• Allows the control to gradually increase the force being applied, in order to loosen seized components
• Has a built-in shock-absorber feature in order to minimise risk of damage if too much pressure is accidentally applied
• Low vibration for user comfort
• Supplied with a set of five impact hammers for variable applications

Also available, sold separately is the JESM2003/AJ – 3pc Soft Tip Air Hammer Set
• Aluminium tip
• Brass tip
• Nylon tip

The shock absorbing Impact air hammer can also be used on any seized or rusted nuts/bolts anywhere there is sufficient space to apply the tool and replacement of the nut/bolt is intended.

• Minimum Speed: 2200 RPM
• Maximum Speed: 2640 RPM
• Shank Opening: 0.401”
• Stroke: 3 – 3/4”
• Bore Dia: 3/4” (19mm)
• Air Inlet: 1/4” NPT
• Air Pressure: 90 PSI (6.3 BAR)
• Air Hose: 3/8”
• Air Consumption: 4CFM / 0.03m3/min
• Sound Pressure 107dBA
• Sound Power 116dBA
• Vibration 2.9m/s2

ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE against design and manufacturing defects

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