63pc Glow Plug Master Thread Repair Kit

• A relatively quick and effective remedy for damage to cylinder head glow plug threads
• Set includes tools for the insertion or threaded inserts into the head
• Includes five sizes of threaded adaptors suitable for common sizes of glow plugs
• Supplied in a metal storage case
• Sizes included:
– 5 x reamer for reaming the original thread, M9 / M10 / M11 / M11 / M13
– 5 x taps for threaded sleeves, M10x1.0 / M11x1.0 / M12x1.0 / M12x1.25 / M14x1.125
– 5 x taps for trimming the original thread, M8x10 / M9x1.0 / M10x1.0 / M10x1.25 / M12x1.25
• Assembly tools for inserting the threaded sleeves:
– 40 x threaded sleeves
– 5pc M8x1.0 (12mm long)
– 5pc M9x1.0 (12mm long)
– 5pc M10x1.25 (12mm long)
– 5pc M10x1.0 (12mm long)
– 5pc M10x1.0 (19mm long)
– 5pc M12x1.25 (12mm long)
– 5pc M12x1.25 (19mm long)
– 5pc M12x1.25 (26mm long)

TWO-YEAR GUARANTEE against design and manufacturing defects

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