Angry Jester’s Intelligent Jump Start and Mobile Device Charger Launched

6000mAh Jump Start News Feature

One of the latest products introduced to Angry Jester’s speedily expanding range is the JESIJS-6000/AJ Intelligent Jump Start and Mobile Device Charger. Considered the world’s slimmest pocket jump start at this power level (6000mAh output capability), it is recommended to start 12v petrol engines up to a massive 5L as well as small diesel engines, even with an internal car battery voltage as low as 0.05v. Weighing only 170g and the size of a standard smart phone (130mm x 67mm x 15mm), it is certainly hard to believe that such a compact unit has such a large power output.

The ‘SMART’ jump start cables with a thickened copper core not to mention the high end, high capacity internal lithium-polymer battery ensures that this power unit uses safe and reliable technology. Based on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform, many innovative design features have been integrated to the unit to ensure protection not only to the user but to the vehicle itself. These safety features include reverse polarity protection, output short circuit protection, excessive voltage and current protection, no electrical sparking and inverse charge protection. The team at Angry Jester would like to stress that this model is not be confused with many lesser units in the market place.

If the capacity and size of this pocket jump start didn’t impress you enough, it is also multi-functional, able to charge mobile devices as well as output a 0.5w LED light source and SOS signal. Included in the pack is a 3 in 1 mobile device charging cable which can be used to charge most smart phones and tablets when connected to the unit. The power unit itself can be re-charged from a laptop computer or a 5v USB mains charger (not supplied as standard, but can be added on request).

Available in two colours, the jump start power unit, smart jump start cables, 3 in 1 USB connection cable and user manual are all presented in a smart, tailor made, hard shell carry case ideal to fit in most glove boxes.

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